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Google scholar - en introduktion

From  Miritt Zisser 5 plays

Google Scholar - an introduction

A quick introduction to Google Scholar.

From  Miritt Zisser 9 plays

Search in Web of Science using one specific, known article as the starting point

In this tutorial we demonstrate how you can use a known article as a starting point to construct a search, tracking the citations back and forward, and finding relevant search terms. The search is…

From  Miritt Zisser 9 plays

Search in the Library tool Primo

Introduction to KTH Library search tool Primo.(CC BY 4.0)

From  Magdalena Svanberg 72 plays

Sök i Primo

Introduktion till KTH Bibliotekets söktjänst Primo.

From  Magdalena Svanberg 102 plays