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Search in Web of Science using one specific, known article as the starting point

In this tutorial we demonstrate how you can use a known article as a starting point to construct a search, tracking the citations back and forward, and finding relevant search terms. The search is…

From  Miritt Zisser on January 14th, 2022 6 plays

Guidad visning av KTH Biblioteket

Här får du följa med på en guidad visning av biblioteket.

From  Sofie Andén Seo on December 15th, 2021 96 plays

Welcome to KTH Library

This film offers a short introduction to KTH Library. Let the library be your best friend during your studies at KTH!

From  Moa-Lisa Björk on December 14th, 2021 102 plays

Välkommen till KTH Biblioteket

Här får du mer information om biblioteket och tjänster för dig som är student.

From  Sara Lind on November 26th, 2021 126 plays

It matters how we open knowledge – a panel discussion on open access and equity

How can researchers and the world benefit from open access? Join the panel discussion within the Stockholm Trio University Alliance during Open Access Week. This year’s theme is “It…

From  Sara Lind on November 2nd, 2021 14 plays